TaxationSavings & Deductions.

The United States of America has the most progressive tax system in the world. This means that our tax system is also the most complex in the world. Each tax payer’s case is unique. You may be an individual who works for someone or you may be self-employed. You might have employees. You might have a business partner. You may have incorporated. These are all factors that make your case unique, and require in depth knowledge when it comes time to file. At DFC, our tax professionals are trained to help you with your unique case. We specialize in personal taxation, S-Corporations, LLC’s, and general partnership taxation. With the massive tax law changes brought about by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act recently passed by congress, you have never had a greater need for a trained tax professional than now.

RetirementPlanning & Preperations.

Americans are living much longer than ever before, and saving less than ever before. Four in ten men and half of women will live past the age of 90. One in seven men and one in four women will live past the age of 95. Half of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement. Social security will become insolvent by 2034 and Medicare will become insolvent by 2026.

During your old age, do you want to depend on the government for your retirement income? At DFC we understand that saving for retirement is important for you. More importantly, we understand that you want a retirement income that you can’t outlive. Protected against losses, tax advantaged, and is not dependent on the government. Experience the life you want in retirement. Consult our experts today.

Insurance Life & Health.

Our life and health are not guaranteed. When you have a family, mortgage, car payments, credit card debts, and day to day bills, you must be alive and healthy in order to continue to provide for your family and for your future.

Life insurance with living benefits is a perfect way to make sure that if you die, you could pay off your bills, provide replacement income for your family, and send your kids to college. Also, with living benefits, if you get a terminal illness, chronic illness, critical illness, or a critical injury, you can access your life insurance while you are living. At DFC, our brokerage does business with all the insurance companies in the USA. We will find you the best rate, and the plan that works for you.

Health insurance policies are not a one size fits all. Some people want expensive comprehensive coverage. Some people would rather save money by only getting coverage for major health incidents. Some people would like government subsidized healthcare. Others, such as the elderly, qualify for Medicare programs. At DFC, our agents will find the best fit for your needs.

Immigration Status & Management.

Managing your immigration status and keeping up with the ever changing laws can be extremely challenging. It's difficult to navigate your way around immigration, and even more so to constantly stay on top and to make sure all legal proceedings are taken care of, and updated. With the immigration laws changing ever so often, it's almost necessary to seek professional guidance and help, without paying a huge fee. Our team is experienced in immigration laws, and have helped the people of the Coachella valley stay on top of their immigration status.

Estate & Wills Planning & Management.

Easily manage your estates and properly plan for your wills. Develop a plan to manage your estates and assets after death, whilst minimizing tax, government intervention, and unforseen expenses. Eliminate any doubts and uncertainties by being prepared. Feel confident, comfortable and ready, through careful preperation and administration over estate and assets. Our team is always prepared to help you deal with tragedy and loss, to be ready for life after death.